The Safety Features Of Walk-In Tubs


This kind of tubs is made by organizations that understand what elders want when it gets to bathing safety or companies that have several years of experience. You will see this apparently in how much of these security features are pioneered and shared by top corporations in the business. The following are the protection features for the walk in tubs. These measures are important to ensure the elder mobility problems are accommodated for in the walk in tubs plan features that permit them to shower without forfeiting their independence.

Low Entry Threshold

A buyer should make sure the step in the height of the tubs entry is not very high by checking the units dimensions. The step in height ranges 0 to 9 inches high, so it depends on your elder’s needs.  Walk in tubs are an option if you do not regularly want to lift your legs over a traditional tub wall again.

Wheelchair Access

A wheelchair-accessible unit’s main form of entry differs for making it simple for wheelchair-bound users depending on the severity of a disabled or elder person’s condition. Some models need the user to have some control of their legs to be entered, and others don’t. For instance would be walk-in tubs that promote side entrance – this is where the senior raises himself up with his hands and just slides onto the tub seat laterally. The seat of these models sits right behind the door to make lateral access that much easier.

Safety Grab Bars

A walk in tub has safety bars depending on the convenience. There bars are placed where it is easy for the elderly can be able to balance when getting and exiting the tub.  Example a safety bar will be set outside if the tub is made for a wheelchair bound individual so that it is easy to reach.

Anti-slip Floor And Seat

Mostly bathroom accidents are directly proportional to aging. It requires more traction to stop slip and fall incidents in the bathroom as one strain for strength to get and to leave the bathroom. The seats and the floors of walk-in tubs are treated and textured with anti-slip solutions to prevent those accidents from occurring.

Always when buying a unit make sure its measurements fits the user so that they can be comfortable when using the tub. They should not worry about stretching their arm to get the soap and slipping from the seat.